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Do not be conformed by this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind!   – Romans 12


So many challenges arise from humans not giving themselves enough nurturing, love, space & boundaries. Not communicating their truth. Not recognizing their hearts. Not celebrating their beauty, individuality, GOD design. Not making the time to rest, find balance & reflect. This space is ALL about rebuilding the connection to yourself… so that you don’t have to go another day feeling burnt out & unappreciated. Rediscovering yourself is vital to your evolution.


Connection to self & our own spirit is one thing… but fundamental to the ENTIRE process is GOD. The Creator is the central driving force behind our entire existence. Within our connection to God lies the answers to everything that we are struggling with, confused about, unsure of. Through rebuilding individual connection, recognizing our GOD design & being guided by spirit, we are creating a relationship that will help you to navigate your life. Vision comes from listening to your soul speak.


Building Visions is a phenomenal way to focus the energy forward. We all undergo various degrees of adversity BUT a Vision-Intention-Purpose filled life is what we aim to create. Building strong, tangible, sometimes audacious Visions, creating the strategies & the actions that go with them & learning the process in which we optimize our individuality & God design is the foundation on which we journey. We do this while restoring faith that we have a purpose, that we are worthy & worthwhile.


With an emphasis on celebration, we aim to learn to love our lives right. There is no point in panicking our lives better, this process is about ultimately finding joy in every moment & every achievement. As we navigate the process, we learn to give ourselves grace & recognize the connections, signs, wonders & miracles in every area of our lives. Completely in flow, we reap the harvest, claim our inheritance & live the abundant life that God joyfully created us for.

What is Evolution?

Evolution incorporates so many things; it is a mindset, it is a process, it is a journey rather than a destination, it is a constant, evolution is a choice.

We want to create a space where you feel safe & nurtured enough to grow. Where you feel absolutely empowered to learn more about yourself and gain tools that you are able to take away with you. It is only true growth is you are able to re-use what you have learned in a practical way in your daily life.

Allow us to share our own story with you so that you might understand that we are on this journey of evolution together. That we are all learning… every. single. day. May our story inspire you so that you feel empowered to one day share your story as well.


Although there is a set basic structure, the process is constantly evolving as the individual evolves. We flow just as the spirit flows. Explore just some evolution options…

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