Every story starts somewhere, evolution is a process of discovery and it begins with awareness. Let me share my story with you before you share yours with me.

The beginning of an evolution

My Journey began like most life journeys do...

Birthed out of the realisation that I needed something more. That I was yearning to do something profound. That I wanted to dream, create & grow a legacy & that I wanted that legacy to be a beacon of hope that inspires people…. That inspires ME!

Through Business Mentoring & Coaching in my high profile corporate job at the time, I realised that so many aspects of my life had already been directing me towards the lighthouse of my own legacy. My coach supported me for the growth that my executive position required & at the same time gently guided me along a roadway of discovery that was to become my own destiny.

She encouraged me to trust my instincts, shed my fear, focus on my strengths, go back to the beginning, breathe, pray, believe in myself & my ability to do anything that I decided needing doing. I found myself through the time we spent together & realised that the path I was looking for was already underneath my feet. Was it easy… NO! Was it worth it, TOTALLY!

I became a qualified Results Coach after this for the same reasons I had been doing certain things my whole life long! My absolute passion for walking alongside people & helping to hold up the mirror that reflects back to them the light that shines within them. For the first time I felt powerfully able to support & simply hold a safe space for evolutionary & transformative growth!

Along the path of finding my own light, I also qualified as a Colour Therapist. Colour opened up a creative way to see & express Gods Grace and to recognise & reflect His presence. I have been religious most of my life but now I have a personal relationship with God & this relationship is my strength. With the Word & Colour, I am able to reflect Gods love to people & help them find out where they are headed for their greatest good. We are all created for a very specific & profound purpose & all that the Creator wants is for us to be everything that he knows that we can be & everything that he personally created us to be.

Evolution Incorporated was borne of the realisation that I DID NOT need to be validated by a corporate power position. It gave me the insight that I needed to fill my bucket & that my life needed to include being a light in the darkness for those that are feeling that they need some illumination along their own path. I understand now that every single aspect of our lives are a part of the process & they all fit together beautifully when we are walking in our truth, in our purpose & in the plan that has been created specifically for us.

Now instead of dreading going to work everyday, stressing about what part of myself I have to mask because it does not fit the job requirement or the clients ideal profile, agonising over making millions for the fashion industry & struggling to balance all the different hats I have to wear & jobs I have to do… I get to be me. 100% authentic, all of the time. I AM ENOUGH!

I am defined by who God says I am & I deal with who He thinks requires my service. He brings people across my path with whom I resonate & reflects for me their magnificence so that I need only reflect that back to them. I am blessed & honored to be walking alongside people as they become who they were always meant to be. As they find meaning, beauty & balance. As they go deep, discover & restore themselves to their original design. As they recognise the connections, get to know God & form a relationship with Him. As they realise that they can have everything that is hidden in the recesses of their hearts.

I  am eternally grateful for every person that has contributed to MY OWN growth & development thus far. To every light soldier, that is still to cross my path… I look forward to encountering your luminescent brilliance. Life’s journey is about love; supporting one another; connection & endless evolution.

“A change in your thinking can transform the way you see your life & awaken in you a sense of purpose, fulfillment & abundance. Transform your thinking, evolve your life!”


Inspiring words from some Inspiring people!