Colour Connections

Colour Connections

March is the National month of Colour therapy & although we have been offline for a bit during this first week or 2, in celebration, we want to share info about how colour transforms the world all around us! The rest of March at Evolution Inc. will not only be about Colour coaching, but about creating […]


It has taken me the longest time to sit down & actually write about this. This is strange because it has been a recurring theme for literally the longest time. Over the last few months the theme of connection [...]

Truth & Love

The truth is that last year, whilst undergoing the final league on the journey of self discovery that led to me making one of the biggest & most profound changes in my life, I accepted Jesus Christ as my [...]


This last 2 or 3 weeks have been challenging. I have just been feeling very out of sorts & have had the pressing need to be completely consumed by the word of God. This is sometimes hard because the bible is not [...]

its part of the process

Its Monday. Mondays used to be my worst day of the week as my anxiety levels were always very high when I was in the corporate world. On this particular Monday, I would like to encourage all of you with this post. [...]