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To me, the process of coaching is really like a constructive conversation. I am gobsmacked every time I realise the potential that the practice of coaching has.
Option 2

Colour Mapping

Colour therapy uses the psychology of colour to reflect back to you personal patterns, themes, guidelines & sometimes blocks that may be triggering certain behaviours in your day to day life.
Option 3

Workshop facilitation & consulting

Using a structured format of Motivational Vision Creation & achievement planning, we are able to facilitate evolutionary structured focus towards action.
Option 4

Motivational & public speaking

Speaking at gatherings of like minded individuals is one of the pastimes I enjoy most in my current role as a Life Coach & Colour therapist.
Option 5

Collaboration station

Collaboration is key in moving business forward into the future.
Option 6

Vision Board Parties

Connect - Dream - Create - Celebrate