"Constructive Conversation"

To me the process of coaching is really like an extremely constructive conversation. I am gobsmacked every time I witness the potential that the practice of coaching has. The absolute necessity & the paramount importance with which this type of facilitation should be regarded is awe invoking. In a society in which we are encouraged to be constantly absorbed by distractions that take us further & further away from realising the potential we hold inside of ourselves; 1 on 1 interaction to unlock your greatest good & hone your growth skills becomes vital.

The process of coaching is so seamless & effortless, unlocking aspects of the coachee’s thinking that has the ability to catapult that person to greater heights of personal & career growth. A coaching engagement is a safe space where the programs that make up your personal computer; ‘your brain’ are just processed for sorting, cleaned up & rebooted to allow for faster processing time & functionality. It is a structured, safe, self-directed, learning, solutions focussed workshop where the main attendee & motivational speaker is you yourself. All of it is directed by you, for you with the coach walking alongside for support as your undergo your transformation.

My dream is to authentically help you to spontaneously re-invent your own puzzle pieces & jazz them up to create the picture you want to see rather than the picture that has been sold to you in a mass produced 100 pc jigsaw. The puzzle of your life is yours to build & my dream is to help you see it through clearer eyes.


‘It may not be just one process, we are able to co-create the structure just like we are able to co-create most things we yearn for in life. It can evolve, Explore just some of what we have to offer here…’