Colour Mapping

Colour Mapping

“Unlock your potential!”

Colour therapy uses the psychology of colour to reflect back to you personal patterns, themes, guidelines & sometimes blocks that may be triggering certain behaviours in your day to day life. In the process of  colour mapping you choose a few coloured bottles of essential oils. These each hold an individual universal message & in conjunction with each other, have the ability to unlock your story before your very eyes for your highest good. Often, the realisation that the theme resonates & validates what you have probably been feeling all along is like a breakthrough. Suddenly you feel clear about what it is that is preventing you from living the life you dream about living.

Just like coaching, through colour, you are able to unlock your own potential through the realisation that you already know the solution. The colour mirrors back to you what is embedded in your coding. You were created so magnificently, with most of the tools you require already wired as part of your God design, a good design, a great design! You just need to recognise the patterning to decipher the code. God has given us so MANY tools to help us facilitate our growth & sometimes our healing in a world that looks to create clones of what it has sold to us as an authentic, rich & spirit filled existence. Spending a moment learning about the naturally occurring phenomenon of colour & how it speaks to every fibre of your uniquely created spirit, colour mapping has the ability to be an empowering & life changing experience. Even within nature, a calm blue ocean invokes in you a feeling of absolute deep mystic beauty & tranquillity; a flame tells you that there is a danger & warmth held in the depths of its flickering beauty.

Colour has a myriad of messages hidden just underneath the surface. Using the coaching in conjunction with colour to support the subconscious, one is able to very quickly target & focus towards the change needed to make the evolution process a successful one.


‘It may not be just one process, we are able to co-create the structure just like we are able to co-create most things we yearn for in life. It can evolve, Explore just some of what we have to offer here…’