Motivational & Public speaking

Motivational & Public speaking

“Individuals looking to connect, learn, teach & grow.”

Speaking at gatherings of like minded individuals is one of the pastimes I enjoy most in my current role. The energy shared within a room of individuals looking to connect, learn, teach & grow is certainly something to experience.

I believe that everything is interlinked & that we are aligned to those people with whom we are meant to connect, with whom we are meant to collaborate.

Event dependent, talks can be more interactive with worksheets & tangible take away or more inspirational, with thought provoking ideas & questions. The talk topic can be directed by event organizer or by myself, depending on the requirement & brief. Most times, I am led by the spirit & I know that the message that is being brought to the audience is specifically targeted towards that group of individuals. You see God is completely in the detail! Every detail. Every longing, in every heart. Every desire, wish, thought, feeling… He is aware of it & makes the needed connections to speak to individuals at exactly the point that is required for them to be able to hear & be aware that it is He.

Past topics include:


Self Love



Dealing with boulders

Getting into action

God Design

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