"Reflective Conversation"

The process of coaching to facilitate evolution is completely fluid. To me, the process is really like having a constructive & reflective conversation.  Built around forward thinking through Vision building, we are able to focus the energy towards the future. As we navigate that forward movement with a detailed & step by step action plan, we are able to deal with limiting beliefs, blocks, challenges & past experiences to enable the person to see their blind spots, their habits & recognize everything that is preventing them from living the life that they were created to live. We create a safe space for people to free wheel their spiritual muscles without the constraints placed on them by society, the workplace, the home environment, other people’s patterns & expectations.

It is a structured, safe, self-directed, learning, solutions-focused deep dive through a simple chat… directed by you, for you with the coach walking alongside for support as you undergo your transformation. We believe wholeheartedly in finding your truth, your voice, your spirit & your connection to the Creator of all the earth & through this process become EVERYTHING that you have been created for!


‘It may not be just one process, we are able to co-create the structure just like we are able to co-create most things we yearn for in life. It can evolve, Explore just some of what we have to offer here…’